Benefits of sesame oil.

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Sesame Oil is oil extracted from sesame seeds. It is extracted from black sesame seeds. Because it provides a large amount of oil. And has better quality food than other types of sesame.

1. In terms of beauty Will help prevent dry, cracked skin and protection. Dry hair with split ends By using massage according to the desired area.

2. Has natural anti-rancidity substances. Can be stored for a long time and used for cooking without rancid smell UFABET

3. High in unsaturated fatty acids and therefore suitable for consumption. who have high blood cholesterol Prevent disease in the heart system and blood vessels very well

4. Contains essential fatty acids for the body, such as linoleic and oleic acids. Which help in growth and creates moisture to the skin

There are 2 types :

1.  Extracted from roasted sesame seeds. The color of this is clear brown and fragrant

2. Extracted from fresh sesame seeds. The color of the resulting oil is clear yellow like other vegetable oils. But it has more properties than obtained from roasted seeds. But the disadvantage is that there is no fragrance.

What is cold-pressed sesame oil like?

Cold pressed sesame oil It is pure sesame oil that has not been bleached or refined. But is made from pressed sesame seeds at a temperature lower than 45 degrees Celsius. Therefore very useful It is generally used to reduce pain. joint inflammation. As well as reducing the risk of osteoarthritis caused by heavy use that results in the destruction of joint tissue.