Secret To Playing Gourds, Crab And Fish Game

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1. Color stabbing

In the game, gourds, crabs, fish are different colors as follows: fish and chickens are red, shrimp and crabs are green. Gourds and tigers are blue. When the player bets on a color selection. There is a payout rate of 1 to 1, but if out of 2 balls, it will get 2 times. Therefore, the player bets by choosing 2 colors, such as choosing a red and blue color. 100 baht each if the color is red or blue. Just one ball equals that the player is still breaking. Players will lose only in the event that both green balls are drawn, which is difficult. There is only 12% chance that the player will lose money. And there is a 65% draw chance and a 23% chance of winning. Will make players almost no chance to lose Placing a bet like this is like observing the probability of a play that the player must try to calculate before making a bet. In this technique the player may need a little calculation skill.

2. Choosing a Stepdaughter

This betting formula will have a betting style similar to the dragon card betting formula that appears in the game of Baccarat, which is a game that is very popular Gourds among Thai players as well. That is, the player has to place the same bet over and over again. For example, if in this betting round 2 big open fish in the next betting round There is a chance to fish again as well. Or you can calculate probabilities from statistics. by looking at what images come out most often then let the players bet on that picture indefinitely By the technique of issuing this style, it is like collecting statistics of each play to analyze in the next play itself.

3. Favorite bet

It is a bet on the image on the face of all 3 Gourds dice, whether it will be a single number, by the number area on the dice 1-6 that is inserted into only one number. It is a guess on the picture on all 3 dice that will come out as what shape. If you guess correctly, you will receive a return according to the following conditions: If only one picture you guessed is correct the payoff is 1:1. If you match 2 pictures the payoff is 1:2, finally if all 3 pictures you took are correct the payoff is 1:3 when this bet is selected. There will be a way of playing where it is necessary to determine the form and direction of bets on both funds. and clear profits every time for success and easier money management

4. Score betting

The bet includes a total of 3 dice ranging from 4-17, 6 animal images representing points and colors, namely

Fish or red 1 point

Shrimp or green 2 points

gourd or blue 3 points

Tiger or Blue) 4 points

Crab or green or 5 points

Chicken or red 6 points

5. High and low bets

Is a prediction of the total score of the dice whether it will be a high score or a low score, a high bet, the total number of points is 11-17 (in the event that the dealer wins), such as chicken, tiger, crab, low bet, the total number of points is 4-10 (In the event of winning, the dealer wins), such as fish, shrimp, tiger results

6. Tong stab

Is a prediction of the picture of the dice that will come out the same for all 3 or not, that is to say, bet that the dice will be the same for all 3 specific selections (such as three chickens) must be out of only three selected chickens. ทางเข้า UFABET