Rutten refuses to join ETH in a ghost hole

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Dutch coach Fred Rutten has revealed he refused to join Erik ten Hag as Manchester United

manager last month. before He will begin to control the army next season.

That led many coaches to start to be rumored to be following Ten Hag to join Old Trafford, with the name of Mitchell van der Gag being said to be joining the club. Right- hander

Rutten, who previously managed PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord, has revealed he turned down working with Ten Hag to be close to his grandchildren.

“I have family and grandchildren. I want to see them regularly,” he told The UFABET

. “At Manchester United, you have to take care of training and you can’t leave. I want to feel comfortable with what I’m going to do. It’s like that with PSV.”

“It’s nice when you have grandchildren. The

59-year-old has now been confirmed to be part of PSV’s coaching staff next season, led by Rud van Nistelrooy. Will come to receive a full-time coach for the first time

“Of course I have spoken with Rud van Nistelrooy,” he added.

“He made me give up the free life I had. He sat in the room with me. And then we talked for 2 hours about football and other things. and when we talk about other things in life He made me agree.”