“Neville” believes that the championship race is not over yet

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Gary Neville thinks the Premier League title race is not over yet Even now Manchester City lead Liverpool by three points with three matches each against the remaining fixtures.

The last three matches of The ‘Blues’ consist of raids at Wolves and West Ham United before culminating in a home game against Aston Villa,

while the Reds’ side are away at Villa and Southampton. before ending with the opening of the home against Wolves

Although many people think that the championship this season is over. But Neville didn’t think so. “I believe Wolves or West Ham can shock Manchester City,”

he said. City can Both teams (Wolves and West Ham) had a good season. City have to be in their best form.”

“Their center partner disappeared. An injury problem (City’s) has increased Liverpool’s chances. I really thought there was still something left to look forward to in the championship race. It won’t be easy until the end of course

. they will be champions Wolves or West Ham still need to get a point from City. But the title race is not over yet

. It would be Arsenal and Tottenham. But after that it will be West Ham and Wolves, Manchester United can’t take it anymore. As for Chelsea, their form has dropped

. It is a matter for the league that Liverpool will play first and score the same amount. I think Liverpool will not miss again. They can close the job,” he said.