Liverpool submitted a request to play the away game in the opening match of next season.

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Liverpool have submitted a complaint to the Premier League to ask to play the opening match of the next season. As an away game To complete preparations for the expansion of the new stand at Anfield.

The expansion, which commenced in February 2021 will be completed this summer with an £80m renovation. And will add around 7,000 extra seats taking Anfield’s total capacity to surpass 61,000.

However, with testing activities and the additional work required in the field as a result of the construction of the track. With the roof of the existing stand removed at the end of the season. Liverpool will have to look to give themselves extra time to make sure everything is in order. Ready to debut in the second week of the new season.

The club had previously made a similar request. The same went to the Premier League when they completed the new Main Stand in 2016. Following the same process of building a new building behind the existing one. So it doesn’t affect on-ground capacity during the season UFABET

while Liverpool have submitted to the Premier League Let’s adjust the first game program to be the visiting team first. As the redevelopment of the stadium has not yet been completed, the Reds have renovated the Anfield Road seat Amchan to increase the capacity by another 7,000, which will increase the capacity to 61,000 with a budget of 80 million pounds. Which is expected to be completed. At the beginning of August. But the readiness of the security system must be tested first. made in the first game of the season. The Reds then filed a request to play an away match first. And is expected to be ready to play the first home game the following week on August 19