Becks hopes that “Ronaldo” will stay even this season.

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Former Manchester United star David Beckham wants Cristiano Ronaldo to stay at Old At Trafford at the end of the season,

the Red Devils lost 4-0 to Brighton in the Premier League on Saturday night. Make them hold on to sixth in the table and only have a chance to win the Europa League area

this summer. United are set to make major changes to their squad starting with manager Erik ten Hag taking over

, with Ronaldo being one of the team’s players who have shown great form this season. But his future is uncertain

. “Cristiano, of course, has been one of the best players over the past 15 years with Messi,”

he said. Hope he stays at Manchester United is very important to the fans. It’s important to him, we know how much Man United means to him.” the UFABET report

“And he’s still doing what he’s best at, scoring goals, creating chances… That’s what Cristiano can do. even at that age But to be able to perform like this is amazing. So hopefully it will continue like this. And I hope he stays for another year or two.”

When asked about Man’s poor performance. United this season Beckham said “I think it has to change,” he said

. “It was a tough season. But it’s almost over I’m sure a lot of people will be delighted with that because it’s been a really tough season. The players are doing what they do best. Like the manager too

. I myself went to look at the stadium several months ago. Every seat is full. That means the fans still believe. The fans also support The fans will always come and cheer for the team. That’s what United fans will do.”

“Not many teams go through a period like the ones we’ve had over the years and the stadiums are still full of fans. So it tells a lot about the fans. It is said that they have faith. And of course the team will change,” he said.