Benefits of breast milk best food for babies.

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The benefits of breast milk help in vision and nourish the brain. In breast milk, there is DHA, which is an unsaturated fat that is an important component of brain fat. This fat is the structure of the brain and retina cells. In addition, in breast milk, there is another important ingredient called ‘taurine’, which is a substance that helps in the development of the baby. The baby has a strong body and good intelligence as well.

Help prevent infection. Mother’s milk is like a substance to protect against germs of the baby. The ‘lactoferrin’ in breast milk is a type of protein that is easier to digest than other milk proteins. It also has properties that help to trap bacteria in the intestines and help prevent infections in the baby’s gastrointestinal tract. Enzymes that are not present in other types of milk other than. UFABET 

Help prevent respiratory diseases and allergies. Normally, the mother’s milk after birth is yellowish in color. Or better known during the colostrum This is approximately 2-3 days after birth. This is caused by the secretion of a substance called ‘colostrum’. This substance is the best immune booster. The roots that are breastfed during this period have a lower incidence of respiratory diseases, allergies, otitis media, and diarrhea than children who do not drink.